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E-File IRS Form 7004 FAQs

Some of the frequently asked questions answered relating to IRS 7004 Business Extension Form.

Partnerships, estates and trusts, multi-member LLCs who file Form 1065, Form 8804, Form 1041 (estate other than a bankruptcy estate) and Form 1041 (trust) can use IRS form 7004 to request for a 5-1/2 month tax extension. Most other types of business entities who are C corporations, S corporations, foreign corporations, REMICs, and REITs can use IRS form 7004 to request a 6 or 7 month tax extension.

Form 7004 cannot be filed electronically for Forms 8612, 8613, 8725, 8831, 8876, or 706-GS(D). For details on electronic filing, If you do not file electronically, file Form 7004 with the Internal Revenue Service Center at the applicable address for your return.

You can get a business tax extension by filing Form 7004 by the original due date of your tax return. For corporations, the due date is the 15th day of the 3rd month after the close of the tax year, which is March 15 for calendar year filers. For partnerships, as well as most estates, trusts, and multi-member LLCs, the due date is the 15th day of the 4th month following the end of the tax year, which is April 15 for calendar year filers.

For sole proprietors, form 4868 is prescribed as personal tax extension since you report your business activities on your personal income tax return (Form 1040, Schedule C). Submit a personal tax extension - Form 4868 to extend the filing deadline for both business and personal tax forms. Visit our website to e-file your personal tax extension.

No. You should pay the tax amount you owe, or a realistic estimate, by the original due date. An extension of time to file your return does not grant you an extension of time to pay your taxes. If you have any other questions related to your business tax extension form, kindly get in touch with Tax2efile and we will be glad to help.

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Refund Policy

  • Refund will not be given once the return has been transmitted to the IRS.
  • Refund must be requested within 30 days from the payment date.
  • It takes about 5-7 business days to process your refund.
  • If you change the EIN, form type, or tax year on any tax return, after you have paid or submitted your return, it will be counted as an additional return and you’ll be charged for that return.