IRS Form 7004 E-filing Services

ETAX7004 is a trusted and approved IRS tax partner, providing e-file services online for your business tax extension. ETAX7004 guides you in a step-by-step way for easy registration and easy access, to begin your request for applying for an automatic extension of time for either 5-1/2, 6 and 7 months to push your due date forward as your business may require applicable. More importantly, when you apply for tax form 7004 to materialize the IRS grant for extension of time, you should be ready to pay taxes owed to the IRS before or on the original due date for the tax return that you file. The tax amount payable to the IRS could be worked out either by you or a tax professional to come up with a ballpark figure.



6 Months Automatic 5-1/2-month extension for particular estates and trusts.



Automatic 6-month extension for forms in Part I and IV whose tax season doesn't end with a December 31 or June 30, as well as other forms.



Automatic 7-month extension for C Corporation with a tax season ending on June 30.