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E-File IRS form 7004 with ETAX7004

IRS form 7004 will provide your businesses with the convenience of a 5-1/2 or 6-month extension before the original due date. Partnership businesses can use form 7004 to avail 5-1/2-month automatic extension, while Corporations can use this form 7004 for a 6-month automatic extension. File your automatic Extension Form 7004 on time with the applicable business tax paid to avoid the IRS penalties, which can be as much as 25%.

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Finish your IRS tax extension in minutes

IRS Approved E-Filing Partner ETAX7004 is the trusted and approved IRS partner with a decade of tax expertise. Our Experienced tax support members can guide you through tax codes for your business to ensure you are awarded your automatic extension for 5-1/2 or 6 months within minutes.
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E-file to Email confirmation

As we transmit your request for extension through form 7004 for IRS to process, you will normally get your IRS confirmation within 30 minutes through e-mail and SMS.

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Trusted, Safe and Secure

ETAX7004 knows the value of data security, being a trusted partner of IRS as well as accredited with the Better Business Bureau. When you e-file with us, you are assured that the latest Internet security technology is protecting your data.
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Convenient Filing & Support

Now you can file conveniently through our robust platform! ETAX7004 provides you with Free Live Chat support on any questions related to the IRS Form 7004 as per your needs.

Avoid Late Filing Penalties

It is unavoidable and understandable that your business, be it corporations, partnerships, LLCs, Trusts & Estates, may end up in a situation where you are unable to attend to your Business income taxes and hence miss out on the filing deadlines. This may lead to hefty and undue tax penalties of as much as 25%. Now you can avoid paying these undue tax penalties because ETAX7004 is here to help overcome all your tax problems. ETAX7004 is the leading IRS electronic filing service provider, and we can assist your business in getting an Automatic 5-1/2 or 6-month extension on your Business income tax filing in a quick, easy and low-cost way.

E-FILE with us & Get an Automatic Tax Extension Return UP TO 5-1/2 or 6 MONTHS!

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I was able to complete my business tax extension in less than 5 minutes, Thanks to your excellent service

Andre A, Chantilly, VA.

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There are four requirements all businesses must meet in order to successfully file a form 7004-business extension:
1. E-file your form 7004 properly. Our tax specialists are here to assist you 24/7.
2. Make a proper estimate of the tax, if applicable. Our site will help you calculate this.